We’re excited to be taking part in #NationalWritingDay on 26 June an annual celebration of writing in all its forms.

Find out more at and follow @writeday for updates.

Everyone has a story to tell – what’s yours?

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Get free resources for schools on the #NationalWritingDay website. Join in this Wed 26th June. We're running an event in a local Hackney primary school @writeday:

It's #NationalWritingDay on June 26, and to celebrate, we'll be publishing our interview with @cityshortcourse alumna @luizasauma on the City website @NewsfromCity Save the date – and follow @writeday! @Thebookedits

A most delectable launch of @SMCHull’s anthology ‘Afternoon Tea from the Void’, served with a generous helping of praise, sprinkled with a brilliant array of readings.

I love seeing the look on parents’ faces when their children read. So special! 💕 @FirstStory @LeeJamesarrison